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Plant Foods For Life- Interactive Cooking Class

Though there are many dietary theories, and some contradictory, most experts agree on one core concept: including more plant foods in your diet can improve your health and help prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer and many others.

But how do we make the transition and learn to prepare foods that would please the palette and sustain out energy?

In this class, Chef Nikki Stephens, CHC, will talk about some of the health aspects of plant based cuisine and teach some easy, quick and delicious recipes to help students integrate more plant based food into our everyday diet. 

Students will learn
1. The core concepts of a plant based diet
2. Ingredients used
3. Health benefits
4. Health risks, and how to avoid them
5. Other aspects/ reasons to go (or increase) plant-based: environmental, ethical, spiritual
6. Tips to help you integrate more plant foods into your current diet
7. Interactive cooking class: Fun and easy seasonal recipes, to help you feel energized, warm and healthy through the winter

TO REGISTER: Please go to http://aplaceforsustainableliving.org/support/and click on our gold "Donate" button on the middle of the page. Once in paypal, please make payment and add a note: "PLANT FOOD CLASS". 

IF THERE IS ANY DIFFICULTIES, please email us at: info@aplaceforsustainableliving.org with "PLANT FOOD CLASS" in the subject line. 

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Beat The Sugar Blues In The New Year!

I'm super excited to let you all know about an upcoming special and absolutely free workshop I'll be having at El Cerrito Fitness Pilates and Personal Training, 10833 San Pablo Ave, in El Cerrito, on Sun Jan 10, at 11am.

The topic of this workshop will be Beat Your Sugar Blues In The New Year.

What can you expect to learn in this awesome workshop?

~ We'll begin by covering the effects of sugar on our body
~ We'll learn how to read labels and recognize hidden sugar sources and some facts that the processed food industry doesn't want us to know, so to protect ourselves and our families. 
~ AND... we'll learn a few easy tips to on how to beat our sugar blues in the new year ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Thanks to June Kamerling for opening her beautiful pilates studio in El Cerrito for this very special event. You can learn more about El Cerrito Fitness here:



Hope to see you all there!
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to Jul 26

" If you can't eat'm... Juice'm" 10 day Juice Challenge

Hey everyone! 

Yesterday, I've decided to embark on a 10 day juice feast to reboot my system. 

Starting Friday July 17, I will be consuming %100 raw fruit and vegetable juice, along with supplemental HealthForce Nutritional® cleansing products .  

I actually eat really healthy, a diet which most people would consider as a detox... but somehow things aren't quite aligned. I'm also starting on round 2 of homeopathic medicine, so it's a good time to quit caffeine, which juicing always helps.

I've been wanting to do it for ages, and have always chickened out...

Now I'm putting myself out there and committing in front of the world: 


And now for the interesting part... Some folks on FB have suggested I start a 10 day challenge. So there you have it- I know this is really short notice, but if anyone would like to join me, even for part of the time, I would love to have some accountability partners.

I promise to share tips, recipes and videos every day, whether you're on the challenge or not. I'm hoping that this would benefit many, as I've been inspired by the like of Philip McCluskey and Joe Cross.    

May all being be cleansed, inside and out...

...and be liberated from processed food, parasites, candida  

...and all other suffering :)

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Hoedown Hootenanny: An Urban Barn Dance Benefit for PLACE

Come hoedown at Place For Sustainable Living this Sat! 


We're so excited to have our friends, Canyon Johnson back for our monthly night of bluegrass music! They are sharing the stage with the Bearcat Duo. Bring your friends!! This is sure to be a memorable night! 

CANYON JOHNSON is a dynamic bluegrass band based in the San Francisco Bay Area, drawing from the rich traditions and timeless themes of the music’s founders while making it fresh and relevant to the present with intricate arrangements, soulful harmonies, and tasteful picking.From the hard driving tunes of Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers and Red Allen to the poignant songs of Hazel Dickens and the enchanting melodies of traditional fiddle tunes, Canyon Johnson will get your feet tapping and put a smile on your face.

The BEARCAT DUO (Robin Fischer and Rowan McCallister) like to play old songs with a young attitude. Equally at home busking on a street corner or playing on stage at a Bluegrass festival, The Bearcat Duo energize audiences with a mix of rippin' old time fiddle tunes, traditional bluegrass numbers, rags, and songs with the sassiest lyrics they can dig up. They have been making an name for themselves both in duo formation and with the full quartet The Bearcat Stringband.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$10-20 sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Raw Pizza Plate by NIKKI STEPHENS! Served until there is no more - So come at the top of the hour so you don't miss out! More about her classes in our Events Calendar!

BARNYARD BAZAAR (soft launch)
We are also launching our evening Barnyard Bazaar. We wish this to grow in the coming months — This Saturday, we are featuring 2 artisans: 

FRANCISCO JIMENEZ will be giving samples of his amazing vinegars. A chef who will be teaching Spanish Immersion Cooking classes (Costa Rican style) in the coming month here.

JAMIE GREENE, of Biomorphics, a jeweler and Fab Lab member here at PLACE! He uses recycled metal and reclaimed wood inspired by sacred geometry and the beauty of NorCal and the Pacific NW.

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4:30 PM16:30

Pollination Project Salon

Ariel Nessel (co-founder of The Pollination Project) and Rebecca Nessel, invite you to join us for a night of delicious dinner and enriching conversation and workshop.

This event will be live streaming on Google Hangout and Youtube.


How Our Connections Lead to
Transformation and Social Change 

Conversation and Workshop with: Adam Rubin and Uswege Mwakapango
Guest Chef: Nikki Stephens
Day: June 27th, 2015
Location: Ross, CA
RSVP Required (space is limited)*:  

Please fill out RSVP form or email Julie Santos,

event coordinator: Jsantos@thepollinationproject.org.

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4:45 PM16:45

Pollination Project Salon

Ari Nessel (co-founder of The Pollination Project) and Rebecca Nessel, invite you to their home* for  a special gathering with good people, delicious vegan food and an enlightening speaker. Food would be provided by Chef Nikki Stephens.  
*the event will be live streamed as well. 

Eat Your Ethics: How your food choices can change the world. 
A Special Evening with Lauren Ornelas
Day: April 11th, 2015
Location: Ross, CA
RSVP Required (space is limited)*:  Please fill out RSVP form or email Julie Santos, event coordinator at Jsantos@thepollinationproject.org for more info. 

*Until spaces fill up, guests and children are welcome as long as they are included in the RSVP. To ensure proper childcare we need a week's notice if children are coming. 


ABOUT LAUREN: If you have never heard Lauren speak, you are  in for a treat!  She is a huge inspiration and founder of one of the  leading groups in the country talking about the intersections between animal rights, human rights, environmental racism, corporate players and food access. Lauren brings the issues home and creates a paradigm in which we can all be a part of the solution. It's no coincidence that her organization is called Food Empowerment Project.  

Questions and topics covered: 

  • Food is Power.
  • Is access to healthy foods a problem in the Bay Area?
  • What is the living situation for farmworkers in California? 
  • Where is my chocolate coming from? And can I trust the labels? 
  • What are the correlations between animal and human rights? 
  • What are some simple things I can do to be part of a solution? 
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