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Plant Foods For Life- Interactive Cooking Class

Though there are many dietary theories, and some contradictory, most experts agree on one core concept: including more plant foods in your diet can improve your health and help prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer and many others.

But how do we make the transition and learn to prepare foods that would please the palette and sustain out energy?

In this class, Chef Nikki Stephens, CHC, will talk about some of the health aspects of plant based cuisine and teach some easy, quick and delicious recipes to help students integrate more plant based food into our everyday diet. 

Students will learn
1. The core concepts of a plant based diet
2. Ingredients used
3. Health benefits
4. Health risks, and how to avoid them
5. Other aspects/ reasons to go (or increase) plant-based: environmental, ethical, spiritual
6. Tips to help you integrate more plant foods into your current diet
7. Interactive cooking class: Fun and easy seasonal recipes, to help you feel energized, warm and healthy through the winter

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