Hey everyone and welcome to the new "INSIGHTS" page! 

In the past few months, since starting this website, I've gotten more and more into cooking, which has naturally led me into sharing some of my recipes and news about the events where I was fortunate to be the one nourishing those around...   

It's been an interesting process, developing my business, watching it grow into something I didn't quite expect. But through that process also realizing where and who I'd like it to reach. 

Though I love food, preparing it, sharing it,  and nourishing my fellow humans, and am grateful to be where I am, I'm slowly realizing that the future is in education, inspiring people to "learn how to fish" rather than "giving them the fish"... In the most vegan sense of the word ;)

Coming from this angle, I've come to understand that sharing "food for thought"  is a powerful and essential tool of inspiration, creating a "fertile ground" for the transformation we'd all like to see on our planet.

It's about connecting the Nourish and the Insight !   

My hope is that more and more like minded people will join me! We'll have discussions about health, about happiness, about care for ourselves and the planet. We'l make small but meaningful changes in our lives that would effect ourselves and others. We'll "spread the gospel" and the knowledge that YES! I deserve a life of health and happiness, for myself, my family, my community, my planet, and the rest of my fellow beings!     

Together, we can change the world... 

One bunch of kale at a time :)