Founder and currently sole operator at Nourish By Insight, is Big Island based natural food chef and health coach Nikki Stephens. Inspired by her interest in health and nutrition, her passions for fusing natural flavors, and her love of spirituality, Nikki's mission is to promote holistic health and natural wellness, which is rooted in simplicity and self-reliance.     

Nikki’s affinity to fresh, local, organic and sustainable ingredients in her creations, has made her a long time regular fixture at many of the local farmer’s markets, as both vendor and consumer. She firmly believe in the energetic connection between food, mindfulness, and maximizing our potential as human beings.

As a coach and mentor, Nikki believes in the power or empathy and deep listening. She enjoys supporting her clients on their journey to self-realization, letting their own insights guide them to the life of their dreams.