There's a health crisis in America! 

With the rise of epidemics like obesity, hearth disease and diabetes, we now know that the health care system in America needs a fresh look on it's commitment to our wellness!

Health coaches are here to fill in the gap that is created between the medical system and the media. We provide support and an individually tailored plan, designed for each client, helping you achieve sustainable changes to your health, wellness and overall happiness.  


Looking to improve on your cooking skills?

Tired of eating out and would like to enjoy a home cooked meal? Want to loose weight, feel great and gain more energy? We invite you to come learn new skills and simply enjoy a home cooked meal, prepared by... YOU! 

Nikki has been preparing vegan/ vegetarian, raw and cooked food, at many different settings. She brings to the table experience, patience and a passion for healthy living, all in the service of helping YOU to learn how to nourish yourself in simple, affordable ways.

Classes can be taught individually or in groups, at the client's home. 

Personal Chef

Nothing like a home cooked meal to feed your soul! 

Enjoy the benefits of an experienced natural foods chef at your own kitchen. Nikki is here to nourish, educate and bring forth the best version of yourself, starting with a wonderful plant based meal, served fresh at your table. 

Catering Services

Show the world that you care! 

When you choose Nikki as the nourisher for your workshop, retreat or event, you will not only enjoy the best of both health and taste, but will also be sending the right message to your family and friends. Using sustainable, organic and locally sourced ingredients, we bring the real "local flavor" to your guests and raise the awareness of whats important to you amongst those you love most. 

Lets chat... 

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A one hour 100% complementary health consultation is offered to all new clients.

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