NourishByInsight Famous Dehydrated Bread

I'm a product of the Middle East, also known as "bread country". In Israel, the joke is that anything can be served in a pita, from soup to falafel. Almost every meal is accompanied by bread, and it's an integral part of many dishes.

These days, as someone who keeps a mostly raw and gluten free vegan diet, I try to avoid eating bread. This can prove challenging, especially when traveling and working for long hours outside of my home. So since getting my dehydrator, I've been enjoying making my own dehydrated breads.

The idea for this bread came to me when I was making Matt Amsden's Rawvolution Famous Onion Bread (highly recommended- this has become part of my regular prep!). I've just finished preparing the bread, and had a bunch of soaked seeds left. I also had a some pulp from the juice I just prepared and thought... Why not combine those together?

Since then, this bread has evolved into a super-dense high protein recipe, which has been getting some rave reviews from friends and clients alike... Unlike many protein bars, It's a popular choice for those who keep a diet low in both oil AND carbs, and could provide a good amount of protein as a snack. It has no added sugar, and it's sweetness comes from the fruit and veggie pulp at it's base.    

Bare in mind that in order to prepare this recipe, you should have a kitchen equipped with all the raw food "essentials"- juicer, food processor, and dehydrator.      

So here it is... by popular demand... Chef Nikki Stephens' Nourish By Insight Famous Dehydrated bread...      

NourishByInsight Famous Dehydrated Bread (2 full dehydrator trays, about 24 slices)  

5 small carrots
2 zucchinis
2 apples
3 cups soaked sunflower and/ or pumpkin seeds
1/4 cup olive oil
1 cup fresh juice
1 cup soaked sesame seeds (black or brown)
1 cup ground flax
1 cup shredded coconut
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla powder or 1 tbsp vanilla extract
Optional: 2 tbsp maca, 1/2 cup hemp seeds (could substitute for more sesame)

Start by juicing your fruits and veggies so to get your pulp. You can use apples, carrots, beets, zucchini, sweet potatoes, pears or any other fruit. Nothing to fibrous like greens or celery. Don't forget to remove the ends, blemishes and seeds, so you'll get pure, clean, pulp. Save one cup of the juice for the recipe and enjoy the rest :) 

If you already have some pulp you saved from a previous juicing session, use 3 packed cups.  

Transfer the sunflower and pumkin seeds to your food processor and pulse until it's partially blended. Having a mixture of both whole and blended seeds would give your bread a nice texture.

In a large bowl, mix your blended seeds, pulp, and all other ingredients until well blended.     

Line 2 dehydrator bread with parchment paper (or use the teflon sheets that come with the Excalibur dehydrator). Spread the mixture with your hand, and flatten it so it covers the entire sheet. If you'd like straight edges, cut the ends in straight lines with a knife and add them to the mixture, then continue flattening.

Place your bread in the dehydrator for 12 hours on 115 f. After 12 hours, place another tray on top, and flip the bread, so the top is now the bottom. Cut it into 12 slices (4 vertical and 3 horizontal lines) and place back into the dehydrator.

Depending on your dehydrator, and whether this is an outer or inner piece, the time it would take for the bread to fully dehydrate may vary. Check after another 6-8 hours. The bread should be moist and not "cracker-like" . You may want to remove the outer pieces and keep the inner ones for a few more hours to dehydrate a bit more. 

This bread would keep well in the fridge for a few weeks... IF YOU CAN KEEP IT FOR THAT LONG ;) It could be enjoyed on it's own, with a little nut or coconut butter (see pic), or a little bit of honey (if you're not non-be-gan of course!).

So... Not quite as easy and quick, but this would provide you with a couple of weeks of healthy, nutrient dense snack, which you can take on the road or even enjoy as dessert... 

Leave your comment bellow... And in the meantime... Stay healthy, Be happy, Be Well... Enjoy Be Nourished