The mean-green-hi-protein phati-fat shake

If you're a vegan or vegetarian, I'm sure you have heard this questions HUNDREDS or so times:

Where do you get our protein from?

And it may quite possibly be the most annoying question of it ALL!

The truth is, there's actually protein in EVERYTHING. But... every body IS different and depending on the amount of activity or body type you are, you may or may not need more or less of this macronutrient, and feel that you need it from animal sources or be satisfied with plant foods. You'd be surprised how some people, no matter how active, can get enough protein from fruits and vegetables almost EXCLUSIVELY! Here's one example  

Speaking for myself, I've recently I've been on this whole kick of cutting sugar out of my life. At the same time, I was starting to feel tired and lacking in energy, so some of the input I was getting is "get more protein!" and "you should have more health fats!" 

So... I found myself trying to find a quick easy recipe that would provide lots of plant based protein and... you guessed. Health fats.

And what's easier, quicker and a great host for protein powders than ...


Here's a version of a sugar free or low-sugar, hi-protein shake, with added fat from nuts, nut butter and coconut oil. It is basically loaded with energy from the MTCs in the coconut oil, protein and fats from the nuts and powders and lots of vitamins and minerals from the greens and green powder.

Be aware... I do have a large selection of superfoods in my cabinet and I do not expect anyone to keep up with this. However... you can all start with some sprouts, spinach, coconut oil, nuts or nut butter and stevia and/ or 1/2 a piece of fruit. Add some water and try it after your workout. You'd be amazed at how rejuvenated you'd feel! 

The mean-green-hi-protein phati-fat shake

2 TBSP raw protein powder (I like this one)

3 TBSP Hemp Protein powder

1 TBSP Green Powder (here’s an affordable one)

1 TBSP cacao powder

1 Hipping spoonful of coconut oil (or more if you’re feeling dangerous!)

1 TBSP nut butter of our choice (I LOVE tahini)

1 handful raw nuts, soaked overnight and rinsed well (I use almonds)

½ piece of fruit (I use banana or a soft pear) and/ or a few drops of stevia.

1 handful sprouts or micro-greens (in the Berkeley/ Oakland area try LifeFood Gardens)    

1 handful of spinach, kale or other greens of our choice.


Add all ingredients to your blender and blend well.

If you don't have a hi-power blender(Vitamix or Blendtech), you may need to experiment with adding the ingredients in smaller batches. For example, you can begin with the water and nuts, blend well, then add the greens, blend some more, and finish with the powders. Figure out which order works best in achieving a smooth consistency with YOUR blender.

Enjoy... Be well...and... BE NOURISHED!