Nourish By Insight, is a company led by Nikki Stephens, a holistic health coach and a natural food chef, working with busy professionals and entrepreneurs, who seek to boost their productivity, focus and overall wellbeing. We teach tools like better food choices, home cooking and adopting healthy habits, and support individuals through their personal-transformation.  

Nikki believes we all have the capacity to heal ourselves, by ourselves, but over the years, our current medical system has distracted us from this basic right, that has been known to humans for thousands of years...  

It was almost 2500 years ago, when Hippocrates, who's considered by many the "father" of modern medicine,  said:

Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food

In the past few years, there has been numerous research done on the benefits of eating a diet rich in plant food. From Michael Pollan  to Dr. Oz,many writers, doctors and nutrition experts, despite disagreeing on the "right" diet as a whole, agree that whole foods, mostly vegetables and some fruit, are essential to a long, healthy, and happy life.  

The problem begins when we try to incorporate this theory into the daily modern life... Our world is often fast pace, busy, and filled with foods which are processed and lack the nutrition we need. Aggressive marketing plans, old habits, current eating trends, lack of knowledge and the availability of un-healthy food all around us, all contribute to what many experts now call the epidemic of "lifestyle diseases", such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, to name a few.    

As a health coach, and an avid supporter of plant based nutrition and self-care, Nikki is here to provide support in getting you back on track, so that you can reclaim your natural right for radiant health.  

Some of the benefits clients experience, when working with Nikki as a health coach can be:

~ Maximize your time, focus and energy at work, so you can do what you love more effectively, enjoy the process and rip 100% of the benefits.  

~ Spend more time with loved ones,  as even after work you'll still have the energy and vitality to enjoy your family and friends 

~ Experience less dis-ease and more long term radiant health, in 100% natural methods, without or with minimum dependency on medications  or supplements . 

~ Learn how to incorporate healthy food, in an easy, fun and low cost ways, to your current diet. This can lead to long-term, positive changes in your health, weight loss, increase of confidence, and overall improvement in well being.  

~ improve your understanding of the nature of cravings, and learn effective methods to decrease and eliminate un-healthy habits. 

To help you get started on these new habits and ideas, Nikki also provides delivery service of farm-to-table, organic food, to your office or home. Using the freshest, highest quality ingredients straight form the Farmers Market, she delivers personally-tailored meals, so that you can experience the difference when incorporating these new foods into your diet. Once you notice the changes, the experience will help jump-start your health you motivate to move in the right direction.  

Take a step towards health and wellness today, and begin the most exciting journey of your life. Learn how YOU TOO can reclaim you natural right for health, vitality and nourishment...