Nourish By Insight is a company led by Nikki Stephens, a holistic health coach and a natural food chef. Nikki enjoys working with older populations, from 50s, 60s and beyond, pre and post retirement, who seek to improve their health and overall wellbeing, while preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer and cardiovascular disease.

Nikki believes that aging gracefully and healthfully is a within reach of anyone who’s willing to invest in themselves, their health and their future. While we all slow down with age, our health need not decline and our life doesn’t need to stop. We all have the capacity to heal ourselves, by ourselves, but over the years, if we choose to take charge and take action.

Nikki has 3+ years experience as a health coach, and has supported hundreds of clients in areas such as:

  • lifestyle changes

  • weight loss

  • mastering emotional eating and food cravings

  • fitness and sustainable movement habits

  • mindfulness and meditation

  • cooking simple, nutritious and cost effective meals at home

As a health coach, an avid plant based nutrition practitioner/ chef and champion of self-care, Nikki is here to support you on your wellness journey, so that YOU can enjoy great health, no matter your age. Using a “client-centric approach” Nikki helps each individual find his or her own way back to their own personal balance. She delivers results and relays on the latest evidence based science of nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and habit formation.

Some of the benefits clients experience, when working with Nikki as a health coach can be:

  • Maximizing time, focus and performance in one’s personal and professional life.

  • Spending more quality time with loved ones as one begins to experience more energy, vitality, improved mobility and stamina.

  • Preventing, and in some cases reversing, dis-ease for more long term radiant health, 100% naturally, without or with minimum dependency on medications or supplements . 

  • Learning how to incorporate healthy food to one’s diet in fun, easy and low cost ways. Studies show that cooking healthy meals at home can lead to positive changes in health outcomes such as weight loss, better body composition, reduction in disease markers, and more.  

  • Mastering food cravings and emotional eating, learning how to make wiser food decisions based self care and self love, and how to eat mindfully.

  • Improving mood and cognitive functions, preventing neural diseases/ mental health conditions such as Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, depression, anxiety etc.

To jumpstart your new habits, Nikki provides delivery services of farm-to-table, organic, plant based meals, to your office or home. Using the freshest, highest quality ingredients, she delivers personally-tailored meals, so that you can experience the difference when incorporating these new foods into your diet. Once noticing positive results clients feel motivates to move in the right direction and changes tend to occur naturally.

Nikki is also available as a caterer, chef and cooking instructor for retreats, events, and transformational workshops. She believes in the power of food to transform the psyche, open the heart and create an unforgettable experience.

Take a step towards natural health and wellness today, and begin the most exciting journey of your life. Learn how YOU TOO can reclaim YOUR natural right for health, vitality and nourishment...